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About us

Our Story...

We are two sisters raised in the South, who fell in love with children's clothing once we had our own kiddos! I have to admit that I had no idea what to buy for baby showers and presents before I had my own children, even though I have a bachelor's and a master's in apparel design. What changed? As a new mom, you realize what things are useful and what is practical vs. what just looks cute.

Once I had my own children, I started to see the need for certain clothes! I am definitely one of those moms who loves to have her children looking put together all the time, but I also want them to be comfortable. I found it hard to find clothes that look precious, but would still be practical for a trip to the playground. Has anyone else put their daughter in an adorable dress only to find that she was stepping on it all the time with dirty feet because it kept getting in her way when she was climbing into her pretend castle? I also found that the clothes I put on my kids most often are their everyday clothes so they need to be cute, comfy, warm, cool, durable, etc.

We want to take the work out of finding cute, comfortable clothes for your kids to wear all the time because lets be honest, if you are spending the money on their clothes, you want them to be able to wear them more than a couple of times! We believe that childhood should be first and foremost fun and while we love for our kids to look cute, the clothes shouldn't hold them back from using their imagination! You know, those early years when the simplest of activities like catching fireflies provided hours of entertainment? Or a rock was a mountain and a table became a fort or a castle? Children should feel like they can be free to play in their clothes without the fear of getting dirty or being uncomfortable.

We are both moms and know how hard it can be to find the perfect balance between clothes that are sweet and youthful, but can also look a little more grown up as your toddler gets older. It seems like children's clothes go from a precious baby to a mini adult by the time the child is two-years-old and we want to provide classic, traditional baby, toddler, and tween clothes that still keep your children looking like children. 

We both bring two unique perspectives to shopping for kids clothes, but are definitely on the same page with what we are looking for. We want to provide cute play clothes with a sophisticated and classic element that also have a touch of unique detail. While my sister likes a very simple, sophisticated, Southern look, I tend to go for a little more whimsy and color, but these perspectives definitely harmonize in the clothing we sell. We put so much thought into each and every piece. Things like when and where a child would wear it? is is practical for the weather? Is is well-made? Do you have to iron it? Would a child want to wear it or would it be a fight each morning to get dressed? 

We know that as moms, there sometimes isn't time to get out of the house and do a lot of shopping, especially by yourself, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get cute clothes for your kids that they will wear all the time! You only get a short number of years to dress them so we want to make sure that we bring you the cutest options out there!

Thank you for reading our story and visiting our website! We hope you enjoy shopping with us!